Lemnos is an island of northern Aegean. It is situated in almost equal distance from Mount Athos and Ellispontos.Its geographical position has determined its history, from the haze of mythological times till now. Its name is probably pre-hellenic and it means Lefki (white) because of its ground and of the white look it has when someone comes to it from the sea.Extend:478 klm .Inhabitants:18,100.

It belongs to the prefecture of Lesvos ,to the district of Northern Aegean and along with Agios Efstratios they constitute the district unity of Lemnos.The capital Mirina with the 32 villages of the island form the municipality of Lemnos.

Homer referred  to Lemnos  ,which he characterised as “γαιάων  απασέων φιλτάτη”(most beloved of all lands).He claimed that Hephaestus was the god-protector of Lemnos and that indicates two things; firstly that the island had volcanic ground and  secondly that it was technologically advanced .

Its manifold shallow beaches ,the rocky coasts with the clear blue waters(coastline length:259klm),its wetlands Alyki and Hortarolimni with their thousand flamingos , swans , geese , teals and  grey herons, its low hills with the peculiar shaped rocks and the herds of goats and sheep ,its huge plains with the vineyards and the wheat playing with the breeze from the Aegean sea ,its hundred country churches (which show many centuries of faith to God),its unique churches with the unique bell towers, its fountains with their marvelous carvings ,its corrals whose architecture connects the present with the past, the blessing of Mount Athos that appears at the northwestern part of the island and makes the sunsets even more magnificent ,the sharpness, authenticity and clarity of the summer landscape , the kind and hospitable local people that remain pure in the virginity of their natural land , that live and breathe the aroma of  the land of Lemnos which cured the human pain ,and ,what is more, its delicious products(the famous wine ,the honey and the cheese),all the above attract the interest of demanding tourists and provide the requirements for  soul uplift and relaxation.

Lemnos as Ino-Lefkothea throws her handkerchief to the cast-aways of life, to the tired people living in the big modern cities and offers them the salvation, calmness and serenity.

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